Sprout Faster Supplier Oklahoma

Whittinghill Disposal Service is proud to be a provider of earthworm castings for SproutFaster in eastern Oklahoma. 

SproutFaster is a soil supplement company based out of Joplin, Missouri specializing in vermiculture. SproutFaster provides organic, nutrient rich soil supplements and premium worm castings that are perfect for fertilizing your garden.

SproutFaster plant food is all natural, organic, non-burning, odorless, helps with water retention, loosens hardened soils, improves aeration for water and air flow which allows for stronger and healthier root systems, and helps build soil life by adding beneficial bacteria, trace minerals, and humus to the soil. 

SproutFaster is a low nitrogen which means it is non-burning, so you literally cannot over use it, however a little bit does a lot! The castings absorb the moisture and naturally release beneficial microbes and micro-nutrients down to the root zone of the plant the way nature intended.