Muskogee Recycling Center

Cardboard | Metal | Wood

Whittinghill Disposal Service has been providing Muskogee businesses with waste disposal and recycling services for the last 25 years. We have recycling facilities that offer recycling options for our local community and businesses.

In addition to our rapid response times, affordable prices, and reliable pickup services, Whittinghill Disposal provides excellent customer service.

Cardboard Recycling

The most common form of recycling we offer is cardboard recycling. Most businesses handle a significant amount of cardboard every week in the form of product shipments. This waste piles up fast and simply throwing it away is not only hard on the environment, but it’s also expensive because you have to empty your dumpsters more frequently and pay disposal fees at the local landfill.

Whittinghill Disposal can help you recycle your cardboard boxes to cut down on your environmental impact, free up space in your dumpster, and cut down on your bill at the landfill.

“​​Awesome Service.
Very courteous and helpful.”
- Mike Manning

Other Recycling Services

In addition to cardboard, we also recycle metal, and wood. 

For customers who generate large volumes of waste, we offer waste compactors: the most aesthetically pleasing, cost-saving alternative to high waste-disposal bills. 

As landfill rates continue to skyrocket, waste compaction and recycling have become the most economical and environmentally friendly waste disposal options.


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