Landscaping Supplies

Here at Whittinghill Disposal Service, we’ve been providing the Muskogee County area with recycled wood mulch and other landscaping supplies for the last few decades. We have a broad selection of materials that are perfect for everyone from weekend gardeners to professional landscapers.


The Whittinghill Disposal team is focused on quality landscaping, which is why we make four out of our five mulches on site.

Our recycled wood mulch is available in red, black, brown, and natural options.

All mulch is sold by the cubic yard.  

One cubic yard is equivalent to about 14 standard sized bags of mulch or fills up the back of one standard sized pickup truck bed.

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Square Footage x depth(inches) x .0031 = cubic yardage needed

Example: 500 sq ft x 2 inches deep x .0031 = 3.1 cubic yards needed

Approximate Coverage Table per 1000 square feet

.5 inch layer 1.5 cubic yards
1.0 inch layer 3.00 cubic yards
1.5 inch layer 4.5 cubic yards
2.0 inch layer 6.00 cubic yards
2.5 inch layer 7.00 cubic yards
Red Mulch in Muskogee

Red Mulch

Red-dyed mulch is vibrant and colorful, designed for eye-popping landscaping designs that aim to capture your attention.

Black Mulch in Muskogee

Black Mulch

Black mulch provides a muted background for flower beds so the natural colors of the plants really pop.

Wood Mulch in Muskogee

Brown Mulch

Brown mulch gives a more traditional earth tone to your garden and looks best against red brick buildings.

Wood Mulch in Muskogee 2

Natural Mulch

If you’re looking for mulch for a vegetable garden, you’ll want a natural mulch without any artificial dyes.

Cedar Mulch in Muskogee

Cedar Mulch

Our cedar mulch is produced off-site and has a slight reddish coloration and pleasant cedar scent.  Also, many people prefer cedar as a natural insect deterrent.

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Our team is standing by and ready to assist you with all of your landscaping supply needs.

Aged Compost

Take your vegetable garden or landscaping to the next level with Whittinghill Disposal’s aged, natural compost made from leaves, tea leaves, lawn clippings, and several types of manure. As our most popular item, our compost becomes available in late February and we typically run out by late May or early June. We limit our compost to 15 yards per customer until June 1st to ensure the entire community has access to this nutrient-rich soil.

Fresh Compost Whittinghill-Disposal

Other Supplies

Whittinghill Disposal has a variety of materials that are perfect for your next landscaping or DIY project. Some of the supplies we frequently have available include:

  • Railroad Ties
  • Compost
  • Burn Barrels
  • Topsoil
  • Fill Dirt
  • Pallets
  • Large Wooden Spools
  • 55-Gallon Steel Drums
  • And More!

Landscaping Supply Pickup

Swing by Whittinghill Disposal Service today to load up on mulch for your summer garden or year-round landscaping. Our landscaping materials are available for pickup Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.

Please call ahead at 918.683.5181  with any questions you may have.