About Whittinghill Disposal Service

Whittinghill Disposal Service was founded in 1974 by Gene and Thelma Whittinghill. Over the years, the business grew to be Muskogee’s largest, locally-owned waste and recycling service.

In 1987, the business was purchased by Steve and Donna Whittinghill. When Steve unexpectedly passed away in 2015, Donna, her family and the entire Whittinghill team were united in their desire to continue serving customers with integrity and kindness.

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Our Commitment to You

For decades Whittinghill employees have demonstrated their commitment to customer service. Each day they strive to exceed customers’ expectations by providing timely, customized service at an honest price. 

Many times, the people who need waste disposal are dealing with a transition. In some cases, it’s a positive change – a renovation, an addition to their home, a new project, or a business.  In other instances, it’s a hardship – the loss of a loved one, a fire, flood, or other transition.

The Whittinghill team draws from their own personal experience with these difficult times to serve the people of Muskogee with compassion. We want to help ease our customers’ burdens and help them move forward with less stress.

Occasionally, we find that we aren’t the right fit for a customer’s particular situation. In these instances, we always want to help them find the best solution. We want to help meet the needs of our community whether it is with us or not.

Our Mission

At Whittinghill Waste Disposal, we exist to extract the precious from the worthless in business, relationships, and life’s circumstances. 

We follow this biblical principle in everything we do. Our landscaping products allow us to use discarded wood products to beautify lawns and gardens. Meanwhile, our roll-off service helps restore the beauty and function of spaces where our customers live, work, and play. We extract scrap metals and other materials from waste that can be recycled and built into something new.  

While we desire to be good stewards of creation, ultimately people are more important to us than sustainability or the carbon footprint we leave behind.

Why Whittinghill DISPOSAL?

Meet Our Team

Office Staff

Tracy Dawson Office Manager Whittinghill Disposal

Tracy Dawson

Head of Business Development/Office Manager

Whittinghill Disposal Staff-Bev WeaverCustomer Service Representative

Bev Weaver

Customer Service Representative


Whittinghill Disposal Staff-Chris Brown-Driver

Chris Brown


Whittinghill Disposal Staff-Gary Garrison-Driver

Gary Garrison


Marc Taylor

Marc Taylor


Whittinghill Disposal Staff-Scott Taylor-Driver

Scott Taylor



Whittinghill Disposal Staff-Stoney Shamblin-Mechanics Supervisor

Stoney Shamblin

Mechanic Supervisor

Glenn Mattison

Glenn Mattison III


Daniel Crawford Whittinghill Disposal

Daniel Crawford


Yard Operations & Recycle

Whittinghill Disposal Staff-Nick Whitton_Yard Operations Recycle Supervisor

Nick Whitton

Yard Operations/Recycle Supervisor

Whittinghill Disposal Staff-Tito Armenta-Recycle

Tito Armenta


Whittinghill Disposal Staff-Mike Moreland-Recycle

Mike Moreland


The Whittinghill Family

About Whittinghill Disposal

Picture by Julie Whittinghill

From left to right: Donna Whittinghill Crotty, Shaun Crotty, Demi Whittinghill, John Whittinghill, Kyle Fishburn, Jessica Whittinghill Fishburn, Brynn, Zoey, Emma and Baby Mae Fishburn, Julie Whittinghill, Jeff Musslewhite.